Get To Know The Property You’re Investing In

Get To Know The Property You’re Investing In

This picturesque one-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment in the beautiful St Clair Ave listed for $650,000 is currently available for you to invest at least $10 in Naira.

It has everything one could possibly need for a busy life. Designed with a variety of sophisticated details, including striking lighting fixtures, stunning black window mullions, spacious interiors, and the convenience of nearby boutique-style stores. A variety of rustic materials combine to create a pleasant, laid-back mood in the courtyard and outside green space, making it a truly cozy environment.

Clean-lined furniture, a kitchen prep and BBQ station, a dog run, and a children's play area are just a few of the great pleasures that come with this home. A modern, fully-stocked gym and yoga space offers everything you need to build or maintain your strength.

This property is located in Toronto, which constantly ranks highly among the best cities in the world to live in, is a burgeoning center for a wide range of sectors, and is unquestionably a world-class metropolis, making it a fantastic investment opportunity.
Projected returns for this property is recorded at 15%.

What is a condo?

In Canada, condominiums, or “condos” for short, are like apartment buildings, where residents can own or rent units while a condo corporation owns and maintains the building’s common elements (like hallways and lobbies) and exterior.

Condominiums often offer communal amenities like fitness centres, party rooms, and even swimming pools. More upscale condos may offer concierge services. If you’re a renter, these amenities are included in your monthly rent. Owners will pay a monthly condo fee to maintain common amenities and cover building upkeep and repairs. Condos are available in a wide variety of sizes from small bachelor units to two and three-bedroom apartments.

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